Dealing with Concerns / Bullying and Harrassment

As a voluntary youth organisation, we have a duty of care to protect all our members, coaches and volunteers and provide a safe and healthy sporting environment.

Bullying is defined as deliberate hurtful behaviour by an adult or child, usually repetitive behaviour, which may result in pain or distress to the victim. It can take different forms including emotional, physical, racist, verbal, sexual or online bullying.

The Pony Club’s Anti-Bullying Policy can be downloaded below. This policy outlines how an individual can identify bullying and how to deal with these incidents.

Anti-Bullying Policy

The ability to recognise child abuse depends as much on a person’s willingness to accept the possibility of its existence as it does on knowledge and information. It is important to understand that abuse and/or bullying is not always readily visible and may not be clearly observable.

The Recognising and Reporting document below provides more information on the following:
- When their is reasonable grounds for concern,
- Bullying in more detail and how to recognise and resolve it,
- How to report child abuse and bullying,
- How to respond to a child who reports any form of abuse,
- How to deal with allegations made against a Branch Official or Coach,
- Any special points that should be considered,
- The procedure to follow.

Recognising and Reporting Child Abuse or Bullying

This document explains briefly the actions to take in order to help a victim of bullying, and how to approach and subsequently deal with an incident. For more information, please refer to the ‘Recognising and Reporting’ tab.

Action in Cases of Bullying

Discipline in sport should always be positively focussed, providing structure and rules that enable members to learn to set their own goals and strive to achieve them. It should encourage young people to become more responsible and independent. The below document outlines the procedure that should be taken in more detail. This includes disciplinary action, specifically verbal and written warnings, termination of membership and appeal procedures in relation to members, parents / guardians and supporters.

Discipline at Pony Club Events



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