Parents Information / Your Childs Protection

The Pony Club actively seeks to:

  • Shoulder its responsibilities in caring for children and young people and those who work with them
  • Be committed to good practice in work with children and young people
  • Recognise that safeguarding the young is the responsibility of everyone, not just those who work with children and young people
  • Be prepared to review its ways of work to incorporate best practices

The above principles are set out in the Home Office Code of Practice “Safe From Harm” which is prepared to provide voluntary organisations with guidelines for safeguarding the welfare of the children and young people in their care. They apply to all adults and helpers within The Pony Club. Protecting children from physical, sexual and emotional harm is an integral part of the policy and practice of The Pony Club.

The Pony Club Code of Practice is distributed to the appropriate officials in every Branch. It sets out guidelines to safeguard the welfare of the young people with whom it works and aims to protect those who work with children from unfounded accusations or from behaving in ways that may be well intentioned but inadvisable.

The Code of Practice emphasises what The Pony Club has always done. It does not encourage the over-protection of children and adults. To do so would deny them the chance to learn and grow through reasonable and responsible risk taking.

If you suspect that a child is suffering from abuse of any kind whilst participating in Pony Club activities, you should bring your concerns to the notice of the appropriate official, your Branch DC perhaps, or your Area Representative. The role of these officials is not to establish whether abuse has taken place, but to put in place measures to try and prevent the potential for continued abuse of children and the wrongful accusation of adults / other children. Child abuse is a criminal offence and is therefore appropriately dealt with by the Police together with Social Services. The Pony Club recommends that all its volunteers and officials work closely with the appropriate authorities to prevent child abuse from occurring.

Membership details including name, address and date of birth are held for each Member. Where permission is required from a parent or guardian, their name and address details will also be recorded.

Each Branch will maintain a list of its own Members and may record additional relevant details such as the standard of efficiency test attained and the number of rallies attended. The Pony Club is currently in the process of compiling a central register of Members, which will be held electronically by computer. While designated personnel at Pony Club Headquarters will have access to all Membership records, Branch Officials will have access only to their own Branch Membership information.

Why does The Pony Club hold Membership data and what is it used for?
The Pony Club requires Membership data to assist with insurance, the effective running of Club activities and the regulation of The Pony Club Rules. We may contact Members from time to time in order to monitor Membership satisfaction and to seek improvements to the activities and services that are offered. Confirmation of Membership details may be required by our insurers in the event of potential claims arising from the actions of Pony Club Members, or from activities organised by The Pony Club.

The Pony Club may share Membership data with third parties in order to secure commercial sponsorship or grant funding. No third party will be permitted by The Pony Club to contact Members direct without prior permission being obtained from the Members concerned. No third party will be permitted to use Membership data for any purpose which may impact on the legal rights or welfare of the Members, without the express permission of the individuals concerned. The Pony Club may distribute appropriate promotional material on behalf of third parties, usually sponsors, to Members from time to time together other with Pony Club information.

Can Members gain access to the records held on themselves by The Pony Club?
Unless restricted by law, all members can request a copy of their own membership data held by The Pony Club. The Charity is entitled to charge a fee of up to £10 for this service. A Member may only obtain access to their own record and not the data pertaining to any other individual.

The Pony Club is aware that much interaction now occurs online for both adults and young people, especially through the use of Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Bebo. With this in mind The Pony Club has produced two policies relating to Best Practice when using Social Media outlets, for both Officials and Volunteers, and also young people. These policies can be downloaded below:

Best Practice for Social Media

E Safety Guidance for Officials Volunteers

E-Safety Guidance for Young People



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