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Whether you are planning to buy some new jumps for your Branch, equipment for camp or simply subsidising the cost of rallies for Members, here are some great fund-raising ideas for your Branch. Make sure that you have the full backing of your District Commissioner before you set any wheels in motion - and make sure that they know exactly what activities you will be organising, where and when!

Just Giving

If you are planning a fund raising event then is a simple and effective way of collecting donations. will allow you to easily setup a page for your event which will allow you to collect dontations online without any of the hastle of setting up a website. Visit their website for more information.

Match Funding

Some companies will match any fundraising activities carried out by employees for good causes with their own money. The Pony Club has benefited in the past from match funding from companies such as Barclays Bank. If you have some fundraising ideas, why not check what your employer is willing to do for you?

Local Supermarket Packing

Many supermarkets are willing to nominate a “Charity of the week.” The Pony Club is a registered charity and you may find that your local supermarket will allow you to collect money near the exit to the store.

It is essential that you obtain written permission from the local Store Manager before you commence any activity and follow their instructions rigorously. You may be asked to provide a letter of authority from Pony Club Headquarters, or official collecting tins. If you require any assistance of this nature please contact the National Office.

Pony Treats

Buy a supply of pony treats such as polo mints or carrots for distribution at rallies and shows. By buying from a wholesaler, you should be able to obtain a substantial discount and sell the treats for a profit.

Check the sell-by date or storage recommendations of all your goods before buying - you do not want to be left with any that are not saleable at a later event. Keep a record of all expenses and sales for your Branch Treasurer, so that your fund raising activities are properly recorded in the Branch accounts.

Organise A Prize Quiz

Produce a list of questions, between 20 and 50 is a good number, although remember that someone will have to mark all of the answer sheets at a later date! It would be a good idea to get your senior instructor to check that you have the correct answers to each question.

Sell the sheets of questions to friends, family and Pony Club Members at shows, rallies or social events for a fixed price of £1 per sheet.

Prizes can be allocated to the person scoring the most correct answers. In the event of a tie, draw the winner from those that achieve the highest equal score. In order to save spending money on prizes, why not ask a selection of local companies to provide them free of charge. Ask politely and remember to thank all those people who answer, whether they provide a prize or not.

It is important to print some basic rules on your quiz sheet and these should include: the cost of entering, whether more than one entry can be accepted from an individual, limits on age groups for entry, that the judges decision is final, a contact name and number for the quiz “promoter,” how the winner will be decided, a list of prizes and details of the cause that you are raising funds for (Show Jumps for XXX Branch of The Pony Club, etc).


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