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The Pony Club says ‘thank you’ for thousands of valuable volunteering years!

The Pony Club held their annual Cubitt Awards ceremony at Stratford Manor, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire on Monday June 2nd. The annual awards are held in honour of volunteers who have given in excess of 20 years to The Pony Club, and take their name from the late Hon Guy Cubitt, who was Chairman of The Pony Club for 25 years and President from 1970 – 1979.

65 awardees were nominated for 2014, proving their incredible worth to The Pony Club with over 1300 years of combined voluntary service between them!

Among some of the most notable awardees for 2014 was Janet Hunt, who was awarded both her Cubitt and Cubitt Bar for an incredible 48 years of service to the Portman Branch in Dorset. Janet started as a Member and even passed the prestigious Pony Club A Test, before moving on to be an Instructor followed by Chief Instructor and is now the Branch President; her citation from the Branch read “she is an exceptional lady and the Branch feels lucky to have her”. 

Coming a close second in the service stakes was Shelagh Oakes, from the Argyll South Branch, with 40 years’ service. Starting out as a ‘Pony Club Mum’ Shelagh has also held the position of Pony Club DC, been the organiser of a major annual fund raising event, helped to build and maintain cross country courses and trained Members for Riding and Road Safety!

Following lunch and the opportunity for Pony Club officials to meet the awardees and hear their many Pony Club stories, a citation for each of the Cubitt Award attendees was given as the individual awardees made their way to the stage, to be presented by current Pony Club Chairman, Mary Tuckett.

“We welcomed Cubitt awardees from all over the country, across many different roles this year” commented Mary after the ceremony “but the one thing these volunteers all had in common is that they are all truly remarkable people that The Pony Club simply couldn’t function without”.

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