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The Pony Club Hunting Exchange – Republic of Ireland 2017

The Irish Pony Club has kindly extended an invitation to host the International Hunting Exchange to begin on Friday 17th February 2017 and end on Monday 27th February 2017. The hunting exchange rotates seasonally between the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and the United States.

Four Pony Club Members aged 18-25 will be selected and be accompanied by one chaperone. Applicants must hold their ‘B’ Test or higher, and it is advised to have strong hunting experience, ambassadorial qualities and a record of active Pony Club participation.

Hunting will be in different areas across the country, with a variety of hunts.  It is hoped that members and chaperones will stay with Pony Club host families or hunt members, have meals with them, and be transported to hunt meets with them.  Horses borrowed for hunting will have been hunted regularly by members of the Pony Club or the local Hunt and will mostly be privately owned. In addition to hunting, there will be planned trips for sightseeing and shopping, kennel tours and many opportunities to socialise.

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