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The Manual of Horsemanship Gets a Makeover!

Enjoying its biggest overhaul in a decade and arriving in time for Christmas, The Pony Club is pleased to announce the arrival of The Manual of Horsemanship’s 14th edition.

Boasting numerous improved and updated features, the most notable change for the 14th edition is its increase in size, to 235mm by 154mm, making for ease of reference. This is backed up by enhancements to the inner style, with the traditional brown highlights being replaced with vibrant and contemporary cornflower blue, used extensively to highlight the text and bring out the best in the illustrations and diagrams.

The text is now arranged in two columns on every page, making it clearer, and where possible whole subjects have been kept to a single page spread. New photographs, charts and diagrams feature throughout, whilst previous images have been refreshed and enhanced.

The chapters of the Manual have been completely rearranged, and are now grouped into the three themed sections, Part One - The Horse; Part Two - The Rider and Riding; Part Three -  Saddlery and Lorinery, making the process of navigating the Manual more logical.

All the information contained in the publication has been reviewed and brought right up-to-date, including major updates to the Bridle, Bitting and Additional Saddlery, Shoeing, and Worm Control chapters. The Training Scale is now also included in the Manual, with a chapter of its own.

“I am most excited about the launch of the updated Manual of Horsemanship”, comments Nikki Herbert, Chairman of Pony Club Publications.  “There is a very new look to the publication, and in particular the riding section is more thorough, covering greater detail of the requirements of the paces, the training scale and lateral movements”. “The improved content will benefit test candidates at all levels, and the addition of an extensive glossary of terms is an essential aid for interpreting comments from dressage sheets!”

A complete basic guide to horsemanship and horse care, suitable for all ages, and containing an amalgam of expert knowledge, the 14th edition of The Manual of Horsemanship is priced at just **£12.95 and available from *December 13th; through the Pony Club office (02476 698300), online at and also from The Pony Club trade stand (GH5) at Olympia Horse Show.

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