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The Amazing 2010 Pony Club Annual Arrives!

Following its ceased publication around 1985, The Annual was reinstated in 2009 as part of the 80th Anniversary celebrations and as hoped it proved a huge hit with Pony Club Members, who all receive a copy free of charge. Giving a full colour round up of the year, at both major events and Branch and Centre level activities, the Annual also boasts features from the Training Committee on how to train for Pony Club Tests and Badges, and educational articles about the important work of the AHT .

“Our Branches and Centres have provided us with so any stories, images and letters from 2010, commented Clare Walkeden, editor of The Pony Club Annual. “We have worked really hard on the design and content following feedback from 2009, and hope that there will be something for each and every one of our Members, to be both interested and inspired by in the 2010 Annual”.

The publication is supported by the AHT, who are The Pony Club’s Charity of the Year for 2010. “The AHT is delighted to be, once again, working in partnership with The Pony Club on its Annual comments Andrew Simmonds, Head of Development at the AHT. “As The Pony Club’s charity of the year, we’ve been running our Pony Power campaign which so many Members have supported. Through this we’ve been at lots of events and have been able to see many of the exciting things that have gone on this year. Having all these highlights in an Annual so that Members can read about everyone’s achievements is a real celebration of what The Pony Club stands for. As a charity concerned about the health and welfare of horses and ponies, we are glad to be a part of that.”

A limited supply of Annuals is available to purchase from The Pony Club at just £3.00 each from The Pony Club Shop or by calling 02476 698300; so don’t miss your chance to get your hands on a copy it’s a great read and stocking filler for any age

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