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Statement from The Pony Club on “Keep Kicking” Sign

The Pony Club is aware that there has been mixed reaction from various perspectives around the sign displaying the phrase “Keep Kicking” at The Pony Club Championships 2018.

We thought it would be helpful to explain that the sign was part of a series of motivational phrases displayed to promote the Mentoring Scheme at the Championships.  The Mentoring Scheme is a Pony Club initiative that is sponsored by NFU Mutual, however the Pony Club would like to confirm the sign had not been approved by NFU Mutual.

“Keep Kicking” is used as a motivational statement within The Pony Club. The phrase is used to encourage positive riding, often as support to young riders who are experiencing extreme nervousness or performance anxiety.

Gentle kicking or a light inward nudge encourages the pony to move forward to enable both to continue working together and proceed with the task ahead. It is used in a context to motivate, inspire and give confidence.

However, once NFU Mutual and members of the public made us aware that the phrase had or could cause offence, the sign was quickly removed within an hour.

The Pony Club and NFU Mutual have had a relationship for more than 20 years, championing and encouraging positive and good horse ownership and riding practices in the UK.

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