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Ride Around the World

Saturday 6th July marked the official four-week countdown to one of the key celebrations of The Pony Club’s 90th anniversary year which is ‘Ride Around The World Day’ on 3rd August 2019.

The day is a chance for Pony Club Members, both past and present, to put our arms around the world and unite with fellow Pony Club Members from all over the globe to share our connection to The Pony Club and what it means to us all. Everyone is welcome to take part whether riding, competing, joining in a musical ride, grooming or simply spending time with horses and friends.

There is even music kindly provided by Andrew Lloyd Webber, husband of our President, Lady Lloyd Webber for those who wish to use it as the soundtrack to their activity or on videos created on the day (download the file here)

Help us celebrate

It is easy to connect with everyone on the planet instantaneously thanks to the power of social media, so we are asking everyone to post about their plans in the run up to the day as well as share photos and videos on the 3rd August by using the hashtag #PonyClubWorldRide on social media.

We will be re-posting and sharing our favourite photos and videos from the day on the official Pony Club Facebook and Instagram accounts too.


If you don’t have plans yet here are some ideas on how to get involved with Ride Around The World Day:

  • Contact your Branch to find out what activities you can get involved with.
  • If you don’t have a pony why not contact your local Centre?
  • Head to a local Pony Club competition to support a friend if you are not competing yourself.
  • Get a ‘Ride Around The World’ Group photo from a hack, fun ride or get-together with your Pony Club friends.
  • Past members, we want you to take part too! Why not dig out your Pony Club badge to wear on the day?

If you have any queries please contact us by email via

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