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PonyPrep short-listed for Two Top E-learning awards

In a year of unprecedented competition, E-learning Innovation specialists HT2 and The Pony Club are delighted to announce that they have been shortlisted in two award categories for the annual E-learning Age awards.

The Pony Club’s E Leaning site,, was launched at Olympia Horse Show on December 16th 2010 and enjoyed over 1000 users signing up in the initial 48 hours live. Since launch, the site has gone on to attract over 54,000 visitors, accounting for over 12,600 hours of learning development.

“This year more than ever before, getting on the shortlist once would have been an achievement” commented Ben Betts, Managing Director of HT2, “but to have been shortlisted twice is a real testament to the success of PonyPrep since its launch”.

Shortlisted for both the ‘Best Learning Game of the Year’ and the ‘Best E-learning Project Securing Widespread Adoption’, PonyPrep is leading the way in the engagement of thousands of young equestrian enthusiasts, as a part of The Pony Club and it’s educational system.

The learning content of PonyPrep is taken from The Pony Clubs best selling publication, The Manual of Horsemanship, and reproduced as quizzes, videos and interactions within three areas - Stables, Training and Competitions. Development is currently underway to expand the level of Pony Club Efficiency Test the site currently covers, to include content for D and D+ level Members as well as more social features.

“We are thrilled to have been shortlisted in the two award categories” comments Cherry Michell, Chairman of The Pony Club. “PonyPrep is open for anyone to use, not just Pony Club Members, and during my recent visit to Kentucky I also heard how our affiliated overseas Branches are benefitting from it. It truly is an attribute to The Pony Club’s learning system”.

The winners of the E-Learning Awards are to be unveiled at the Awards Gala Evening in London, 10th November 2011.

Have you ‘Practised Online for Pony Club’ yet? If not, why not try out PonyPrep now!

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