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Pony Racing at Wolverhampton Racecourse

Ever wondered what a Champion Safety Wear Pony Racing Day Entails? Read all about Area 7’s Pony Racing Day below!

Sunday 17 September saw Pony Club Area 7’s (Middle England) second annual Pony Race at Wolverhampton Racecourse. The number of riders was up on 2016; with 53 in total from both Branches and Centres spread over nine races, run in a mixture of glorious sunshine and rain.

The races ranged from four furlongs for the novice riders to one mile for more experienced jockeys, and the day started off in the morning with some instruction on the Equisisor followed by balance and fitness exercises. Riders were then able to look behind the scenes to see the Judges’ and commentators’ boxes plus the Photo Finish room.

Race preparation started with a course walk which included explanations for the starting procedure and safe finishing. This was followed by the riders getting changed into their silks, being weighed and having their hat checked. The riders then tacked up their ponies and entered the parade ring where their tack was checked. Then it was race time, and they headed off to the track to be treated to the full Racing experience; being led down to the start with full commentary from the stands.

The races were thrilling and highly competitive, and spectators were treated to some nail-biting finishes!

After the race, the winners got to ride into the Winners Enclosure where they untacked their ponies and went back into the weighing room to weigh in.

It was a great experience for the members who took part. The day was summed by one mum who later put on her son’s Branch’s Facebook page:

Alex’s race was the 128cm and under novice race where neither pony or rider can have been placed in any race before. The starter organised them well and the ponies were well behaved so then he set them off. Alex wasn’t quite ready for Rupert to take off so fast, so slid back off the saddle and lost a stirrup! Fortunately he managed to get it all back together again and managed to come in 3rd…

He was absolutely thrilled and grinning from ear to ear as they walked back down the course. He definitely wants to do some more in the future!

A huge vote of thanks to all the Volunteers who worked so hard on the day to make this event a success and to Champion Safety Wear, without whose sponsorship the day could not have taken place. We are especially grateful to Jade Thatcher from Champion who gave up her Sunday afternoon to come and present the prizes. We hope you enjoyed it, Jade!

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