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Pony Club Coach of the Year Awards – Shortlist Announced

The Pony Club is delighted to announce the shortlist for the inaugural Coach of the Year Awards; a new initiative designed to reward those who have gone above and beyond to help Pony Club Members achieve their goals.

The winners will be revealed at The Pony Club Coaching Conference on Monday 12 February at Bury Farm Equestrian Centre in Leighton Buzzard. Good luck to everyone listed below, and here are some of the reasons their nominees feel they should be awarded.

Matt Clingo “Always polite, professional and friendly to everyone, Matt has helped drive the success of the Atherstone Branch Mounted Games teams.”

Sarah Hance “Enthusiastic and committed, Sarah became Chief Instructor for the Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt Branch in 2014 and has been instrumental in raising standards across all areas.”

Richard Johnston-Smith “Full of endless enthusiasm, Richard’s positive coaching has helped retain senior members and aid the overall growth of the Dalkeith & District Branch and Pony Club Centres in Area 19, where he is Centre Co-ordinator.”

Aaron Nobbs “Always striving to improve himself so he can help others, Aaron ‘s sessions always have a clear purpose which has seen Old Berkshire Hunt Members progress and get better completion results. He also trains young coaches; applying his experience to encourage and support them.”

Linda Pearce “Fully committed to supporting all levels within the Cottesmore Hunt Branch, Linda challenges Members but with the encouragement and positive feedback needed to learn and develop. She has been instrumental in producing winning teams at The Pony Club Championships, and she has also coached A Test candidates to success.” 

Anna Smallwood “With a genuine desire to help and motivate Old Berkely Hunt (Chilterns) Members to improve and learn, Anna is a driving force within the Branch; always going the extra mile and giving her time and expertise generously.”

Nominations flooded in for the Awards, and the selection panel had the difficult task of assessing each one to ensure the shortlisted nominees demonstrated the core values of performance, partnership, professionalism and passion and enthusiasm.

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