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Polocrosse Players prepare for Australia visit

18 polocrosse playing members from The Pony Club are this week preparing to welcome a Pony Club Australia team for ten days of polocrosse and fun.

Pony Club Australia are sending over a mixed team of junior and senior players, who will play against the UK players across two weekends. In between the two weekends the Australian and UK teams will go on a number of trips together, including visits to London and to Alton towers.

The Australia team arrive on Thursday the 12th of July and will then play in the Chairman’s Challenge against three teams of Pony Club members on the 14th and 15th. The Chairman’s Challenge is being hosted by Limemere Sparks Polocrosse Club at Admington Polo Grounds in Admington, Warwickshire. The three UK teams for the event are being sponsored by Equicate, Trace Heating Projects and Greyhills 4x4.

The next weekend, the 21st and 22nd, the Australia team will play against a UK team in two test matches. The test matches are being held alongside Celyn Polocrosse Club’s annual tournament at their Backford fields grounds, just above Chester in Cheshire.  The UK team is being kindly sponsored by Rose Roofing. The tour is also receiving support from Polocrosse Extreme and TOWA gloves.

The eight UK team players are all providing two horses for the tour, which will be divided into two pools. The Australians and UK teams will then draw lots to see which pool of horses they get to play on.

Jan Whitehead, the Pony Club Polocrosse Chairman said;

“It’s very exciting to have Pony Club Australia coming over to visit and play. It’s been a number of years since we last had a touring polocrosse team and we are hoping to make it a more regular event again going forwards. We are very grateful to all our sponsors for their support and Limemere and Celyn Polocrosse Clubs for hosting the two weekends of play.

Obviously we would love to win the tour but we also want our members to make new friends with the Australia members, as that is what Pony Club is all about.

Spectators are very welcome at both weekends so if you want to come along and see some amazing action then please come along!”

The UK and Australia team for the test matches are:

  United Kingdom Australia
1 Danny Woodward (North Warwickshire) Connor Richardson (Londonderry)
2 Izzy Baker-Cresswell (Percy Hunt) Matilda Scott (Midlands)
3 Katie Loutsiou (North Warwickshire) Natasha Clayton (Noonamah)
4 Stuart Dyson (Rockwood Harriers) Rachel Pernice (Glenorie)
1 Eve Thomason (Rockwood Harriers) Alix Kennedy (Moonyoonooka)
2 John Ferguson (Overdalkeith stables) Chloe Davidge (Noonamah)
3 Rosie George (Ledbury Hunt) Hannah Rutley (Perth)
4 Tegan Bristow (North Warwickshire)

The UK team are being joined for the Chairman’s challenge by the following ten players to make up the three sponsored teams:

Chairman’s Challenge

Alex Brown (Romney Marsh)
Emma Joslin (Essex and Suffolk)
Hugh Ralli (Easton Harriers)
Rebecca Alderson (Percy Hunt)
Tilly-May Mullens (Llangeinor Hunt)

Abigall Phillips (Swansea and District)
Boy Wilson-Fitzgerald (Oakley Hunt West)
Megan Maccoll (Overdalkeith stables)
Millie Wilson-Fitzgerald (Oakley Hunt West)
Paige Wilson (Rockwood Harriers)

Photo courtesy of Izzie Baker-Cresswell

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