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Orla’s last month with Marcus Ehning

Hi everyone

It’s Orla here with my blog for November.

It is my last month training with Marcus Ehning, which I’m very sad about!

This month we went to Lichtenvoorde CSI** show with 20 horses. I took my horse Adonis to the show and he jumped fantastically. He jumped clear 2/3 of the days, and the highlight was coming 5th in the 1.30 speed class out of over 100 competitors!

It was very busy at the show, (with 5.30am starts!) - but it was the most brilliant experience to be able to walk the course, warm up and de-brief with one of my childhood idols. Our team had a very successful show with lots of clears! I learned a huge amount over the weekend not only with riding, but also with the management of the horses at the show. The take-home message for me was to keep travelling after the fence and maintain a very consistent rhythm.

I am very sad to be heading home after a fantastic 3 months; I have made some wonderful friends and learnt an unbelievable amount that will hopefully help me towards taking my A test in 2018. I hope you have all enjoyed my updates, and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and I wish you all a happy and successful 2018!

Have a lovely Christmas


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