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Orla’s Blog -  month two at Marcus Ehning’s yard in Germany

Hi everyone, it’s Orla here with my monthly blog.

This month I was lucky enough to go to a national show in Gronau with my horse, Adonis, to jump the 1.25 and 1.35.

I was double clear and 9th in the 1.25 and had an early pole in the 1.35. . Here is a video of my round:

On the second day our stable had 14 horses at the show, so it was very busy! However, it was a fantastic experience and the teamwork and support was amazing. The turnout of our horses at the show was incredible, and due to the importance that turnout has played in my Pony Club experience I was able to plait and turn out the horses to a high standard.

Flatwork is the core principle behind everything we do here, so this month I have been working really hard to improve my rhythm and straightness, and it was amazing to see already how this has improved my performance at the show.

One of the biggest health concerns here is sand rubs. It has been really interesting for me to learn about the importance of keeping the horses legs really clean and dry at all times to prevent infection. We have to ensure that their legs are clipped so that the hair dries quickly - and we use so much talcum powder I think Marcus should be sponsored by Boots!

I am heading to Lichtenvoorde CSI 2* show on the 28th of November, so I can’t wait to update you all on how that goes!

I hope to see you all next month!


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