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*NEW* The Pony Club Regional Championships

The Pony Club Regional Championships (formerly known as grassroots) is a new entry level Team Competition in Dressage, Show Jumping and Eventing (from 2017) reserved for the more novice Branch and Centre Members.

Each Area will hold a competition where teams will qualify for the Regional Championships. The Pony Club is committed to making every effort to ensure that approximately 40 teams come forward to each of the Regional Championships in both dressage and Show Jumping.

Eligibility Rules

For the full set of rules applying to each sport, please see the relevant sport pages:
Show Jumping   

Number to Qualify

The top 10 teams from each Area in Dressage and Show Jumping will qualify for the Regional Championship Final.  Each team will have either 3 or 4 members. If a qualified team chooses not to enter the Championship Final the qualification will pass down the line to the next placed team.


Team rosettes will be awarded to 10th place.
At the organiser’s discretion special rosettes and / or prizes may be given for the best individual competitors and / or the best individual competitors aged 12 and under as at January 1st 2016.


Results from the Area Competitions with the Qualifying Teams and Rider horse/pony names must be provided to the Pony Club after the Area qualifying competition.
Substitution of team members and/or horses is only permitted for medical or veterinary reasons. At least two of the combinations of horse and rider must be the same as those who rode at the qualifiers.  If a team qualifies with only three members a fourth eligible member may be added to the team for the Regional Championships.  All these rules and others are in the Pony Club Show Jumping and Dressage Rule Books 2016. Although Regional the Championships is not listed in the 2016 rules, the same general rules will apply as for Novice, Intermediate and Open levels.

Click the download for a complete copy of the Regional Championships information HERE

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