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Limited Edition: Crafty Pony Club Pony

The first bay pony in the Crafty Pony collection with specific brown Pony Club tack, (standard Crafty Ponies have simple black tack with only two girth straps and no buckle guards) suitable for any Pony Club tack check will be on sale at The Pony Club stand at Badminton and on The Pony Club shop powered by Harry Hall.

Crafty is a fantastic educational tool as well as being very cuddly, he is perfect for all those stable management rallies and will be the most popular pony at many Pony Club Camps this summer.

This gorgeous limited edition bay Crafty Pony Club Pony, complete with PC90 freeze mark comes with a full set of travelling rugs and bandages in purple, a smart headcollar and rope in Pony Club colours. He is ready to ride with his own brown leather saddle and bridle. The saddle is a general purpose one with D rings, buckle guards and 3 girth straps which are all unique to the Pony Club pony PLUS a bonus accessories pack with neck strap, crupper and a unique white numnah with the Pony Club 90th logo on it.

Booklets with guidance and advice about how to look after, tack up and bandage your Crafty Pony Club Pony are all included and are based on the Manual of Horsemanship.

The full price for the Crafty Pony Club Pony, including all tack and accessories, will be £90.

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