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*IMPORTANT UPDATE* Liability Insurance – Portable Cross Country Fences

We previously wrote to you in regard to our insurers exclusion in our liability insurance policy, which stated that our insurers would not accept:
“Any claim arising out of moveable or non-permanent cross country jumps that are not secured in line with current British Eventing regulations. This exclusion is deemed to apply irrespective of whether the Assured holds competitions under British Eventing rules but does not apply when cross country fences are used in the course of business in any indoor or outdoor arena with an artificial surface.”

What’s Changed?

The Pony Club insurers have had further consultation with the underwriters, and they have agreed to remove the exclusion clause relating to the fixing of portable cross country fences. They will be replacing the clause with the following wording:
“The deletion of clause 14 is on the strict basis that The Pony Club will operate best practice and comply with their own guidelines in relation to moveable and non - permanent cross country fences”.

What must we do going forwards?

It is of course essential that portable cross country fences are still only erected under the supervision of a person who fully understands the correct methods for securing such jumps. Guidance notes from The Pony Club are available, describing in detail how to fit the various methods of anchoring portable cross country fences on natural surfaces. If you require any further advice on portable cross country fences please consult Bill Cook:

Thank you for your co-operation in implementing these procedures, which are in all our interests.


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