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News which may affect Equestrian Businesses in England & Wales

New rateable values for all businesses were recently published and will come in to effect on 01 April 2017. In several regions across England and Wales the increase for equestrian businesses, including riding schools and livery yards, is far greater than any other business type in the same geographical region; in some instances the rise will be as much as 300%.

The BHS is leading a campaign on behalf of the BEF Member Bodies to raise awareness of the potential impact the changes could have on riding schools and livery yards.

The Pony Club is working alongside the BHS, and encouraging all of those who will be affected and their networks to write to their MP highlighting this serious issue and the possible implications for their equestrian businesses. Contact details for your local MP can be found here

The BHS has contacted all MPs to highlight the impact this increase will have on the industry, and The Pony Club will also be communicating with them to draw attention to this situation and the challenges that many riding schools and equestrian businesses (such as competition venues and racehorse trainers) may face as a result.

A Rates Campaign Briefing note has been produced (downloadable below) that may be used to inform your clients and further networks of the rateable value increase. A table comparing the increase in rateable value against other business types within each region is also shown.

Rateable Value Briefing Notes

For further information about the campaign please contact Sarah Phillips at the BHS on

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