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Horse & Hound Article Clarification

With regard to the news article ‘Cushing’s Drug Banned’ published in Horse & Hound today (26th April 2012), The Pony Club comment is as follows:

The Pony Club looks to the BEF, who of course take their lead from the FEI, on issues such as the BEFAR rules. The Pony Club has not signed up to the BEFAR Rules to date, but will be looking to whether they are something we should be more aligned to, as welfare is one of our key objectives.

However, it is important to note that we are of course a training organisation, and so although we look to welfare best practice, unlike the senior discipline bodies we are not presenting competitors on an National / International stage under FEI Rules, and so it may be the case that the BEFAR rules as a whole are not relevant to The Pony Club.

In respect of pergolide, as we are not currently signed up to BEFAR, our competitors are not contravening any BEFAR rules when competing with us. However, for Pony Club Area and Championship level competitions our rules state as follows:

i)  Equine
Controlled Medication
It is clearly essential for the welfare of the horse that it is given appropriate veterinary treatment if and when required and that this should include appropriate medication.  Medication however may mask an underlying health problem and horses should not compete when taking medication where such medication may have a detrimental effect on the horse’s welfare.

ii) Human
Performance enhancing drugs are forbidden.
iii)  All competitors should be aware that random samples may be taken for testing from both themselves and/or their horse.

Details of rules for all Pony Club Disciplines can be found HERE

A copy of the BEFAR Rules can be viewed HERE

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