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Equestrian Council Committee Vacancies - Autumn 2017

A number of vacancies have become available for the various Equestrian Council Committees.

Other than the Area Representatives, persons will be invited to become members of Equestrian Council Committees because of their expertise in a particular sport.  They will serve for a period of three years, but may offer themselves for nomination and re-election.  Nominations may also be received for other persons, and the vacancy should be advertised on The Pony Club website.

All candidates (new and re-standing) must be nominated in writing by a member of the Equestrian Council or the relevant Equestrian Council Committee.  If there are more nominations than there are places available, then a vote should take place.  Those entitled to vote will be the existing members of the Committee, both continuing and retiring, and the Equestrian Council.

All nominations to be received by 4pm on 13th October 2017 on the official nomination form, available to download here.

The following Committee vacancies have become available:

  • Dressage - 2 Committee Vacancies
  • Endurance - 3 Committee Vacancies plus Chairman
  • Eventing - 1 Committee Vacancy
  • Mounted Games - 3 Committee Vacancies plus Chairman
  • Polo - 2 Committee Vacancies
  • Polocrosse - 1 Committee Vacancy
  • Pony Racing - 1 Committee Vacancy
  • Show Jumping - 2 Committee Vacancies
  • Tetrathlon - 2 Committee Vacancies
  • Training - 2 Committee Vacancies

Nominations for all of these vacancies should be sent to Sarah Baker, The Pony Club, Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2RW. Alternatively, nomination forms can be emailed to but must be scanned with original signatures.

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