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Dreams come True at the Mounted Games Southern Zone

It was a magical day for West Hants Prince Philip Pony Club Team consisting of Charlotte Whiting on Rocky, Joe Pink on Sonic, Amelia Swann on Duke, Tom Pink on Sky, Libby Hawkins on Sybil and 6th rider Megan Pink as they qualified for Horse of the Year Show (HOYS) at the Just Chaps Mounted Games Southern Zone.

Amelia told us how much it meant to the team below:

“Qualifying for HOYS, with West Hants Prince Philip Pony Club team at the Southern Zones, was a dream come true for all of us!”

“The team are great friends and we have trained and ridden together for over eight years. West Hants is very lucky to be trained by Jo Morris and her daughters Kate and Annie, they have trained the team from the start.”

“The Zone was very tense, as there were some amazing teams competing. Once we had completed a few races, we all felt less nervous and the ponies were going brilliantly. As the competition progressed, the whole team stayed focussed on the races.”

“When the final results were announced the team hugged and our parents came over and everyone started to cry with happiness. HOYS means everything to us and we will do our best to make West Hants, Area 14 and The Pony Club proud.”

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