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Arrival of The Pony Club Annual 2011!

The 2011 Pony Club Annual, kindly supported by the Animal Health Trust (AHT), is currently en route to *Pony Club Members across the country.

Production of the publication was reinstated in 2009, following a break of over 20 years, as part of The Pony Club’s 80th Anniversary celebrations, and proved a huge hit with Pony Club Members of all ages, who receive a copy free of charge. Acting as a review of The Pony Club Year, in fabulous full colour imagery, at both major events as well as Branch and Centre level activities, the 2011 Annual also features training articles, including jumping exercises and the importance of worming, as well as a round up of all the fundraising action through the AHT’s Pony Power campaign.

“As always our Branches and Centres have provided us with some fantastic images of their Pony Club achievements and fun throughout 2011” commented Clare Walkeden, editor of The Pony Club Annual. “The Annual is a really special publication as it shows the full array of what Pony Club Members get up to, and for many acts as a lasting record of their achievements”.

The publication is supported by the AHT, who have been The Pony Club’s Charity of the Year for 2010 - 2011. “The AHT is delighted to again be supporting The Pony Club Annual, commented Andrew Simmonds, Head of Development at the AHT.  “Our second full year of working with The Pony Cub, its Branches and Centres and thousands of Members, has been a lot of fun and a great success in educating people of all ages that a healthy pony is a happy pony.  All around the UK The Pony Club has raised urgent funds for the AHT’s work, to help stamp out the suffering of horses and ponies caused by disease; The Annual features just some of the many highlights of the fundraising and we would like the say ‘thank you’ to all involved! “.

Additional copies of The Annual are available to purchase at just £3.00 each from or by calling 02476 698300; so don’t miss your chance to get your hands on a copy in time for Christmas!!

*Centre Members will receive their copy directly. Branch Members will receive their copy through their Branches.

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