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Are you part of the legacy?

What is Hoof?
Hoof is the British Equestrian Federation’s Olympic and Paralympic legacy campaign which aims to encourage more people to take up horse riding, driving, vaulting and volunteering. By connecting people to riding centres, schools, clubs and equestrian sporting organisations, Hoof is helping more people to discover horses, get fit and improve their well being. There are a number of audiences the hoof portal aims to capture;

  • Non-riders who may wish to learn more about the sport
  • Lapsed or infrequent riders; research puts this figure at approximately 4.3 million within the UK
  • Those new to competing or unaffiliated non-federation members, this figure is close to 2.1 million in the UK
  • BEF Member Body members, of which there are currently approximately 250,000
  • Supporters of equestrian sport

Enriching Lives
By targeting specific social groups - disabled people, underprivileged children and those who might not otherwise be able to access riding - the Hoof legacy project is quelling common perceptions of riding through effective communications via the use of mechanical horses at sports events, the new Hoof website, and through social networking websites, such as Facebook and Twitter (@hoofride).  Furthermore, Hoof can focus upon increasing the provision of ‘riding for all’, through inner city schools and other special projects. 

Take Back The Reins
It’s never too late to rekindle or discover a love of horses, pick up that journey and enjoy riding. Take Back The Reins is a series of riding lessons providing specifically designed coaching to support a rider’s first steps back into the saddle. Visit the Hoof website to discover your nearest participating centre.

Share good business practice
Nine regional Hoof Networks have been set up England wide to offer advice, guidance and support to help equestrian businesses grow. Regular forums aim to address industry challenges, raise standards and share good practice. To get involved please contact your Regional Development Co-ordinator, you can find their details on the Hoof website. These networks are an important part of the BEF’s plan to achieve increased participation through attracting new people into riding on a local scale, as well as maintaining opportunities and raising standards for those already enjoying the sport.

Log on to
Horse riding is a hugely varied sport with rewarding offerings for everyone to enjoy - able bodied and disabled people alike. Log on to the Hoof website now to search for your perfect local riding centre, school or club; find more information on learning to ride, horse sports or volunteering opportunities and get involved today!

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