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A new way to practise for Pony Club:

The Pony Club has launched a fantastic new E Learning website called , to enhance the sound vocational training its Members already receive.

The learning content of PonyPrep is taken from The Pony Clubs best selling publication, The Manual of Horsemanship, and reproduced in conjunction with E Learning specialists HT2 as quizzes, videos and interactions. essentially comprises of three areas, Stables, Training and Competitions.

The Stables area allows users to create their own pony avatar, which is then used in the games they can play, so they learn with their avatar. “This is especially good for our Centre Members without their own ponies to practice with” comments Lucy Goler, Centre Membership Executive Officer.

In the Training area all the quizzes, videos and gaming interactions have been put together with guidance from The Pony Club Training Committee, and so are completely aligned with the teaching of The Pony Club. Nikki Herbert, Director of Pony Club Training, comments “Each time you go onto the site can learn something new and as the site develops the depth of knowledge will increase, helping our Members to progress up the training ladder”. As the user takes quizzes and watches videos they collect points, which allows them to build their dream interactive stable yard and also collect tack.

The Competitions area allows the user to test their knowledge. By performing well in the competition quizzes and by gathering certain items of tack and equipment, the user is awarded rosettes and is placed on the leader boards.

PonyPrep is currently built around The Pony Club’s C Efficiency Test level, but it is hoped that the site will be developed further to incorporate the other Efficiency Test levels and knowledge. “PonyPrep is a terrific initiative and the site is delivered in a creative, fun and lively way” comments Lady Lloyd-Webber, President of The Pony Club. “This will undoubtedly appeal not only to Pony Club Members of all ages, but will be an invaluable tool for struggling non horsey parents. PonyPrep will become the last word in equestrian education, as it benefits from The Pony Club’s unparalleled knowledge base”.

A testing day was held with help from the South Oxfordshire Hunt (Central) Pony Club Branch on November 27th, and eight Members, aged between 10 and 13, were let loose on the system to have a go and give their honest feedback.
“I thought that the was a great way to learn for Tests and I would definitely use it again” said Darci Hill, age 12. “All in all I found it good fun to use”, commented Chelsie Horne, age 13 “and there was lots of new areas to discover”

The system was also given the thumbs up by District Commissioner, of South Oxfordshire Hunt (Central) Branch, Mags Hope who commented that “our Members really enjoyed using PonyPrep and I can see it will be a constructive way to spend their free time, as well as a very useful tool for our instructors to make teaching and training for Tests even more fun!”

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