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A Day in the Life of a Pony Club Volunteer

Sue Britten is one of our invaluable army of Pony Club Volunteers, without whom we wouldn’t be able to offer such wonderful opportunities to our Members. 

Sue was introduced to The Pony Club by a friend, and has been a committee member in Area Nine for four years. Recently, Sue was asked to look after representatives from Pony Racing sponsors Champion at a Race Day at Cheltenham Racecourse.

Read all about Sue’s day as Sponsorship Liaison below:

“My first job of the day was to set up all of the rosettes and prizes in race order in the weighing room, then outside I set up a cloth and flowers ready for the presentations. After this I hung the Champion banners around the paddock before having a quick coffee and a bacon sandwich whilst going through my list of notes with the announcer to make sure no one was forgotten.

“Once the sponsors arrived, including representatives from Champion, I welcomed them and advised them what time they needed to be in the paddock to judge the Best Turned Out, and asked them to come straight back to the weighing room after the race to present the prizes once the children have weighed in.

“Once the races started it was a juggling act! I needed to be everywhere from finding out who has won and telling the announcer, to rounding up the winning children, the sponsors and the announcer for the presentation.

“Thank goodness this year I managed to persuade a friend to help me during the races as we also collect contact details for the people who have won our challenge trophies, so I can remind them to get them engraved and collect them in before next year’s event.

“After the day, I write a race day report and organise the return of banners to their rightful owners. I can then rest till next year!”

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