PR & Marketing

Promoting your Pony Club Branch or Centre

We love to see you doing your own promotions to attract Members to your Pony Club, and The Pony Club as a whole, through social media and local press.

Click on the tabs for a few suggestions to help get you started, and of f you have any queries or would like to share your ideas, please email:

We are working to produce a number of promotional leaflets, some of which you will be able to customise with the details of your Pony Club. These can be found HERE

Branches and Centres are permitted to use The Pony Club’s name, logo and associated colour palette, and we have guidelines in order to protect the look and feel of our organisation.

Branch and Centre officials can request as many logos as they wish in a variety of colours and formats from our website HERE. You will need to take a few seconds to fill in a form then, once we approve the request(s), your logo(s) will be emailed to you.

We expect everyone to follow our guidelines to ensure our brand is represented correctly and consistently. You can download these HERE or, the notes below may answer your queries:

- Logos should be used as the full lock-up (i.e. with the words Pony Club alongside the roundel) in most cases with a few exceptions at our discretion – some being social media profile pictures, garments of a small size where the full lock up cannot be produced large enough to be legible and the centre of rosettes.

- Fonts: the primary typeface is Montserrat (for all external communications) and the secondary typeface is Arvo (for straplines e.g. a Centre name underneath a logo on saddlecloths / clothing), but these should be outside of the exclusion zone which is the size of the O in the word Pony.

The answers to other FAQs can be found HERE

Social media is a great way for Pony Clubs to promote their activities and celebrate their Members’ achievements, but we appreciate it can be daunting if you have never used social platforms before.

We’d recommend beginning with Facebook, then once you become more confident and gather a following you could look into using Twitter, Instagram and possibly YouTube or LinkedIn too.

Below is a quick guide to using Facebook which we hope you find useful. We haven’t included step-by-step instructions or screen prints on setting up a accounts as instructions may alter as Facebook is updated, but we’d recommend having a quick look on Google if you have any queries.

Our quick guide to Facebook can be downloaded here: Tips for Facebook

Our best practice for social media can be downloaded here: Best Practice for Social Media

Our e-safety guidelines for young people can be downloaded here: E-Safety Guidelines

Local press can be a great and free of charge way of spreading the word about your Pony Club!

Our tips for writing press can be downloaded here: Tips for Press Coverage



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