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Accessing Funding
News that so many equestrian projects have been successful in accessing funding over the past few months is very encouraging. To help even more come to fruition we’ve complied the following guide to outline the different streams available, ways to access different pots and the considerations when applying.

One frequently asked question regarding funding is ‘is my business eligible to apply?’ We have summarised the types of organisations below and the limitations these impose to help give you a clearer picture:

Charities & Not-For-Profit Organisations

There is a wide range of funding opportunities available including Sport England Small Grants and Inspired Facilities Funds, Country Sport Partnership funding such as Sportivate and workforce development support. Additional opportunities include grants from the British Equestrian Federation (BEF) Hoof Capital Funding Awards, the Big Lottery and Comic Relief.

Limited Companies
Due to the legal status of this type of business there is unfortunately limited access to funding streams. GOV.UK, formerly known as Business Link, may be able to offer advice and access to grant aid. Businesses can apply for Sportivate Funding through their local County Sports Partnership (CSP) and Limited Companies are also eligible to apply for Hoof Capital Funding Grants. Have you considered changing to a not-for-profit status, or adding a charitable arm to increase the number of options available to you? This has proven a highly popular and successful mechanism for accessing larger pots of funding.

Sole Traders & Limited Partnerships
As the majority of grant funding in sport is directed at ‘not-for-profit’ organisations, the primary stream of funding for these types of organisations would often be through a bank loan. In the majority of cases Sport England funding will also be unavailable to this group.

The BEF continues to work with our funding partners to help the industry understand the challenges faced by its organisations and the value of their contribution to the sport. The BEF has worked with Sport England to set up an innovative funding opportunity for centres of this legal status where long term leasing of facilities such as arena surfaces, fencing and lighting are available. Sportivate Funding through your local CSP may also an option.

Points to consider when applying for funding

  1. Eligibility – is your organisation, activity or project right for the funding stream?
  2. Time required – please take into account the time it takes to put together a funding application. Make sure you research the application process and are aware of the deadlines and decision making dates. Your project may also need to be completed within a specific time-frame, make sure that this is possible before applying.
  3. Partnership Funding – check the requirement for partnership funding.
  4. Expertise – depending on the size of your project you may need the skills of an expert such as an architect or planning consultant, particularly if you are looking at building work.
  5. Objectives – make sure your objectives match those of your funders. Often these align to increasing participation or making sport accessible to all; ensure your project can prove it will have a sustainable impact.
  6. Ask for help – there are plenty of organisations out there that can help including the British Equestrian Federation and its Member Bodies, your local County Sports Partnership, local councils and GOV.UK (formally Business Link).
  7. Do it! – you have nothing to lose in applying for funding but please make sure you aren’t just applying for the sake of applying. Most applications, particularly those for under £10,000, are straightforward and not too time consuming to complete.
  8. Don’t be put off by rejection – take feedback on board and keep trying!

Funding Opportunities Breakdown

Fund: Sport England Small Grant
Who can apply: Not- for-profit organisations & charities
Amount: £300 - £10,000
More info can be found at: www.sportengland.org/funding/our-different-funds/small-grants/

Fund: Comic Relief/Sport Relief – Local Communities & Community Cash
Who can apply: Dependent on the Local Community Foundation
Amount: Local Communities: £1,000- £10,000 per year
More info can be found at: www.ukcommunityfoundations.org/programmes/comic_relief/

Fund: Big Lottery Awards For All
Who can apply: Not-for-profit organisations and charities
Amount: £300 -£10,000
More info can be found at: www.biglotteryfund.org.uk/global-content/programmes/england/awards-for-all-england

Fund: Hoof Capital Funding
Who can apply: Grants - not-for-profit organisations and Ltd Companies/ Leased Facilities - Sole Traders and Ltd Partnerships
Amount:  Grants - £25,000. Leased facilities- Arena Surfaces, fencing, lighting
More info can be found at: www.hoofride.co.uk/funding

Fund: Sport England Inspire Funding
Who can apply: Not-for-profit organisations & charities
Amount: Up to £75,000
More info can be found at: www.sportengland.org/funding/our-different-funds/inspired-facilities

Fund: Sport England Improvement Fund
Who can apply: Not-for-profit organisations & charities
Amount: Up to £500,000
More info can be found at: www.sportengland.org/funding/our-different-funds/improvement-fund

Fund: Big Lottery
Who can apply: Not-for-profit organisations & charities
Amount: Up to £500,000
More info can be found at: www.biglotteryfund.org.uk/prog_reaching_communities

Fund: Comic Relief UK Main Fund
Who can apply: Not-for-profit organisations & charities
Amount: Fund dependent
More info can be found at: www.comicrelief.com/apply-for-a-grant/uk/what-we-fund

Additional places to look
www.fundingcentral.org.uk is a free resource for charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises that lists a variety of funding and finance opportunities. If you sign up to the weekly newsletter you will receive regular updates on the funding streams available.

www.gov.uk is a government backed support and finance opportunity online tool that can be used to find grants, loans, business support through consultants and mentors as well as provide funding opportunities for small and medium sized businesses. You can customise your funding search by location, business size and activity to help find the right opportunity for you. Visit www.gov.uk/business-finance-support-finder for more info.

County Sports Partnerships
Your local County Sports Partnership (CSP) will have a great knowledge of the national and local funds that may be available to you. Creating a strong relationship with your CSP is highly recommended. It could benefit you by increasing your knowledge of local funding streams, helping you to market your business and assisting you in developing mutually beneficial partnerships. Find your local CSP’s details HERE.

Funding Opportunities in Wales



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