Centre Membership / Centre Plus Membership

Commenced January 2016 - Centre Plus Membership


Centre Plus Membership is an option for Members that have their own pony and transport arrangements riding at a Pony Club Linked Centre

It could be seen as a progressive step from Centre Membership or as an interim before Branch Membership.

How does it work?

Centre Members who go on to own a pony or horse and transport, but would like to remain at their Centre to continue activities and compete with their friends, may do so. It will replace Dual Membership, in providing an option for the Pony Club Member to remain at their Centre. Their ponies do not necessarily have to be liveries at the Centre to use this Membership, but parents may appreciate their child being able to continue their Pony Club activities and affiliation there.

Any Member wishing to transfer to their local Branch, we can still help with that smooth transfer.


Previously when Members acquired a pony and transport, they were directed to join their local Branch which meant that Members were potentially moving away from their friends at the Centre. We would like Members to remain where they are happiest.
We would also like to enable Pony Club Linked Centres to field competition teams from the group of young riders that they have trained from grassroots to horse ownership.


•  Centre Plus Membership will run on a rolling basis and Members will receive one year’s subscription from the date that they join.
•  All Pony Club Members receive third party public liability insurance with their subscription.
•  Centre Plus will cost £74 during 2018 in line with Branch Membership.
•  Centre Plus Members may compete for their Centre at any Pony Club competition including Area Qualifiers on their own pony or horse if they are chosen as part of the Centre’s Team selection process.
•  If a Branch Member wants to transfer to Centre Plus, a competition ban as per Branch to Branch transfer will be incurred.
•  Centre Equitation at The Pony Club Championships will not be open to Centre Plus Members.

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