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Are you looking to promote your Pony Club at an event or within your Branch or Centre? The Introduction to Pony Club badge is designed to give potential Branch or Centre members a taste of The Pony Club and what it has to offer before they join.

Intro to Pony Club Badge

The Introduction to Pony Club Badge is a fun badge designed to be awarded to a potential Branch or Centre Member who has taken part in an activity to learn about The Pony Club.

Where the “Intro” badge may be useful
• Launch evenings,
• a child’s first guest rally, or to encourage younger siblings to join,
• Local Shows or events where a Branch or Centre has a presence
• School visits
• Open Days

Activities that could be used depending on the event
• Introduction to the Pony Club Centre or Branch the child is attending or would like to join.
• Introduction of what to wear when riding and caring for ponies.
• Introduction to a pony or horse
• Introduction to basic contact / handling and safety around ponies
• Take part in an activity such as grooming, pony ride or on foot games.

The badges are available to purchase from The Pony Club Office priced £7.95 for a bag of 20 - Merchandise telephone: 02476 698313 or 02476 698316

Example of use: The badge was tried and tested at the London Pet Show in May 2015 where over 120 young people took part in short demonstrations - they met the ponies, identified items of the grooming kit, tried grooming, went round the mini jumping course, had a go on the mechanical horse and chatted to our young volunteers who were helping over the two days.
Another Centre has used the badge at their village show where they were offering pony rides.

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