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If you do not yet have a log in for the online Membership Database, please contact rebecca@pcuk.org to get this set up.

The Online Database enables Centres to check their Membership records, who needs to renew, record their test and badge passes and to store their instructors details and CPD.

Pony Club at your Riding Establishment

The Pony Club is the starting point for anyone who wants to ride and care for horses. In 1998, The Pony Club piloted a membership scheme alongside riding schools and equestrian centres throughout the UK which proved to be a great success and we now have close to 500 riding centres offering Pony Club Centre Membership to their young riders who do not own their own horse or pony.

Membership is open to anyone up to the age of 25; from complete beginners to more experienced riders wanting to further their skills.

Benefits of being a Pony Club linked Centre

How can I become a Pony Club Centre?

The Tests and Achievement Badges

Members can learn a range of skills through the popular Achievement Badge scheme and gain sew-on badges to prove their knowledge. Topics can range from feeding your pony and point of the horse through to road safety, plaiting and saddlery. We also have a range of mini badges for the youngest riders to take part in.
Pony Club Efficiency Tests provide an excellent basis for any equine enthusiast. Beginning with the E test where Members learn the fundamental skills, progressing up to the much sought after A test.

The Pony Club tests and achievement badge scheme do provide coaches with a good structure to build their Pony Club sessions around. We also have a range of Progressive Tests that can be used as ongoing assessment for riders, preparing them for the main Efficiency Tests. Quizzes and competitions can be added to a Centre’s diary of activities to complement the ridden and stable management training.

Centre Members are able to take part in all Pony Club competitions from Dressage and Show jumping to Mounted Games and Tetrathlon if the Centre is able to assist them. Horse and Pony Care and the National Quiz are two events where Centres can take part very easily without having to provide horse power on the day.

Please find links below to useful areas of the Pony Club website to guide you through of the key features of Centre Membership
The Pony Club Tests
Achievement Badges
Horse and Pony Care

Useful Documents and Information for your Centre

Centre Membership Handbook

Centre Proprietors Handbook - 2015.pdf  This is currently being updated for 2017.


Please click here for more details on Safeguarding - courses, DBS checks, advice and who to contact should you need to report anything of a safeguarding nature.

Employment of Children

All district and county councils will have regulations regarding child employment and it is important that you make yourselves familiar with your own council’s regulations and byelaws. Please be aware that receiving a free lesson or hack in return for helping may be viewed as payment for work carried out and therefore would be classed as employment. For further information regarding employment of young people please review this document and/or the Government website
Guidance on Child Employment -  2017

Coach Development

Details of our regional coaching courses can be found here

Coach Resource

View Coaching Resources

E-Safety for Members, Officials and Parents

E-Safety Guidelines for Young People.pdf updated July 2017
E-Safety Guidance for Officials, Employees and Volunteers.pdf updated July 2017
E-Safety Guidance for Parents/Guardians.pdf updated July 2017

The Rules of The Pony Club

View the Rules of The Pony Club including the Hat Rule and Body Protector Rule

Eligibility Rules - frequently asked questions

Eligibility FAQs - 2018.pdf

PR and Marketing - promoting your event or membership

Downloadable posters and advice regarding using The Pony Club logos and branding can be found here

Howden Insurance are The Pony Club Insurers

Members Policy Pony Club Key Facts.pdf

PC Centre Membership Information on insurance 2017.pdf

  PC Centres Q&A sheet 2017.pdf

Health and Safety Guidance for Inspections of Horse Riding Establishments and Livery Yards

This document has been published by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and provides some useful advice regarding legislation affecting equestrian establishments.
View this document

Most recent Centre Bulletins

February Centre Bulletin 2017
February Centre Bulletin 2017 (Text Only)
November Centre Bulletin 2016.pdf
July Centre Bulletin 2016.pdf
April Centre Bulletin 2016.pdf
December Centre Bulletin 2015.pdf
October Centre Bulletin 2015.pdf

Handling and Grooming Badge

Achievement Badges, Mini Badges and Competition Badges

The Achievement Badges offer an excellent way of encouraging Members to learn all about caring for ponies as well as enjoying their riding! They complement the learning required for the efficiency and progressive tests and provide the Members (and parents!) with evidence of achievement. The badges can be sewn onto the Members Pony Club sweatshirt.

A range of mini badges are available for younger Members. They currently cover 14 different subject including feeding your pony and horse clothing.

Mini Achievement Badges
Equine Achievement Badges
Non Equine Achievement Badges
Intro to Competition Badges
Competition Badges

Gold Badges

On passing 21 of the main achievement badges, a gold certificate and badge may be applied for by the Centre Proprietor or Instructor. Please contact Merchandising to order these. The certificate and badge together cost £1.

We now offer a mini gold badge for younger Members passing all 14 of the mini badges. Again, these cost 90p and can be ordered via our Merchandise Department.

Efficiency Tests

The Pony Club Efficiency Tests provide the backbone for our Training Structure. The E test is the first test on the ladder and is ideal for the youngest new Member, perhaps still on the lead rein. It is an optional test but is a really good introduction. This test may be assessed in-house by the Pony Club Centre.
The D, D+, C and C+ test must be assessed by an external assessor from another local Branch or Centre. Your Regional Co-ordinator may also be able to assist in recommending someone in your local area. The C+ test must be assessed by two people, one of whom should be a B test assessor. The Area Rep will have details of suitable people for this.

View Efficiency Test Information

Progressive Tests

The Progressive Tests fit in between the efficiency tests. They are designed to enable Members to gradually increase knowledge but still achieve. The Bronze awards are taken before D test, Silver before D+, Gold before the C test and finally the Platinum Progressive Tests are the step before C+.

View Progressive Test Information

Centre Members

We produce two Centre Newsletters each year that are posted directly to the Centre Members in Spring and Autumn. The deadlines for sending in news and results tend to coincide with the end of the Easter and Summer school holidays.

In addition to the main Instructors Resource downloads, please find below some other useful downloadable info for Centres.

Centre League Competition Details.pdf

Individual Record of Achievement.pdf

Fun Coaching - Beanbags.pdf

Efficiency Test Results Sheet.pdf
Efficiency Test Results Sheet.doc

Progressive Test Results Sheet.pdf
Progressive Test Results Sheet.doc

Achievement Badge Results sheet.doc
Mini Badge Results Sheets.doc



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