Centre Proprietors and Coaches

Centre Proprietors and Coaches can access the Centres Database to view their Memberships and log Test/Badge passes by clicking HERE. If you need log in details please contact the Pony Club Office.

Members can learn a range of skills through the popular Achievement Badge scheme and gain sew-on badges to prove their knowledge. Topics range from ‘Bandages and Rugs’ and ‘Points of the Horse’ through to ‘Road Safety’, ‘Plaiting’ and ‘Saddlery’. There is also have a range of Mini Badges for the youngest riders to do!

Pony Club Efficiency Tests provide an excellent basis for any equine enthusiast. Beginning with the E Test where Members learn the fundamental skills, progressing up to the much sought after A Test.

The Pony Club Tests and Achievement Badge schemes provide Coaches with a good structure to build their Pony Club sessions around. We also have a range of Progressive Tests that can be used as ongoing assessment for riders, preparing them for the main Efficiency Tests. Quizzes and competitions can be added to a Centre’s diary of activities to complement the ridden and stable management training.

Centre Members are able to take part in all Pony Club competitions from Dressage and Show jumping to Mounted Games and Tetrathlon if the Centre is able to assist them. Horse and Pony Care and the National Quiz are two events where Centres can take part without the need to transport horses.

Useful Documents, Information and Links

Member Dress Guidelines for Pony Club Activities

Member Dress Guidelines 2018

Disclosure Checks (DBS) and Safeguarding

For further information on DBS checks and Safeguarding Courses, which must be updated every three years, please click HERE.

Continual Professional Development

All Pony Club Coaches must attend a Coach Development course at least once every two years. For further information and to find courses available in your Area, please click HERE.

Child Employment

District and County Councils enforce regulations on child employment and it is important that you are aware of your own Council’s regulations and bylaws. Giving Members free lessons/hacks in return for helping may be viewed as payment and therefore employment. For further information please click HERE. or consult the Government website.

Coaching Resources

For coaching resources please click HERE.

E-Safety for Members, Officials and Parents

E-Safety Guidelines for Young People
E-Safety Guidance for Officials, Employees and Volunteers
E-Safety Guidance for Parents/Guardians

The Rules of The Pony Club

View the Rules of The Pony Club including the Hat Rule and Body Protector Rule

Eligibility Rules - FAQs

Eligibility FAQs - 2018


Member Policy: Pony Club Key Facts
PC Centre Membership Information 2017
  PC Centres Q&A sheet 2017

Other Useful Downloads

Centre League Competition
Individual Record of Achievement
Efficiency Test Results Sheet
Efficiency Test Results Sheet
Progressive Test Results Sheet in pdf
Progressive Test Results Sheet in word
Achievement Badge Results sheet
Mini Badge Results Sheets

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