Centre Membership / Becoming a Pony Club Linked Centre

The Pony Club is a Member Body of the British Equestrian Federation and has over 85 years of experience, knowledge and history that we use to assist all of our Pony Club Branches and Centres. The Centre Membership scheme was introduced in 1998 to allow children who do not own their own pony, or have any transport for that pony, to take part in Pony Club activities through their local riding school. We now have over 480 riding schools and equestrian centres throughout the United Kingdom offering Pony Club activities.

Centres are able to use The Pony Club logo on their marketing materials and website, use our extensive range of training resources for young riders and are able to attend the Coach Development courses available at very reasonable prices. Just some of the benefits of Pony Club Linked Centres are listed below;

The Pony Club Linked Centre package is currently under review (as of March 2019) further details will be available shortly.


* Use of The Pony Club training and Tests structure to provide Members with goals to work towards;
* Mini and Large Achievement Badges
* Progressive Tests
* Efficiency Tests
* Competition Badges
* Online Coaching resources
* Coach development courses held at very reasonable prices;
* Continual Professional Development (CPD)
* Safeguarding
* Health and Safety


* Your Centre will be listed on our website as part of the ‘Find a Centre’ function, and included in the annual Pony Club Yearbook.
* Use of The Pony Club brand and logo
* Access to promotional materials including an online marketing pack and a parent’s presenter file
* Active promotion of your Centre through social media and at major events with our trade stand, steering all enquiries to their nearest Pony Club Centre


* A dedicated department at The Pony Club Office to answer your phone calls and enquiries. Centres are represented at Management level meetings through our Committee Chairman.
* A Centre Membership Committee who look to continuously improve and develop the scheme
* Annual visits from a helpful, knowledgeable Centre Coordinator who can be contacted at any time for support and advice
* A regular e-bulletin to keep you informed of any new Pony Club initiatives and rule changes


* An extensive merchandise department for purchasing training materials and other resources; such as wall charts, books, clothing and badges. Prices are discounted for all Branches, Centres and Members.
* One free copy of the Yearbook and Health and Safety Rulebook every year


* Financial reward for recruiting Members
* An online Database for monitoring your Membership and recording Test passes
* A bi-annual Centre Newsletter sent out to all Centre Members and Centre Proprietors, for which you can send in photographs and content
* The opportunity to send teams and/or individuals to Area and National competitions

Centre Plus Membership

* For Members who have their own pony and transport arrangements, riding within a Pony Club Linked Centre, who wish to remain at their Centre to continue their activities
* Can be a progressive step from Centre Membership, or as an interim before Branch Membership

Benefits for Young Riders

The scheme provides a clear but flexible structure for Members up to the age of 25, through a combination of ridden lessons and stable management sessions. Members and their parents should be able to see a progression in their riding and care abilities.

For further information, please view our document on the Benefits of being a Pony Club Linked Centre.

To apply for Pony Club affiliation at your Centre, please complete the Application Form and return it to the Office with the relevant accompanying documentation.

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