Centre Membership

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What is Centre Membership?

The Centre Membership Scheme was introduced in 1998 so that children and young people without their own pony could join and take part in Pony Club activities, the tests and achievement badges. Membership is open to anyone up to 25 years of age.

Riding schools around the country become linked to the Pony Club, and through this link, can offer the Pony Club tests and badges to their clients. The Centres may also take teams to many of the regional Pony Club competitions, perhaps qualify for National Championships!

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Your local Pony Club Centre will have application forms to join. Completed forms should be sent to us here in the Office and we will send all new Members their joining pack!
There are currently 480 Pony Club Linked Centres in the UK with 14,000 non pony owning young riders taking part in Pony Club activities.

New for 2016 - Centre Plus Membership

For those young riders who have their own pony and transport but would like to remain with their friends at the Centre.
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How can we help you?

We want to broaden your knowledge of riding and horse and pony care, make you feel a part of a world-wide organisation which has given so many members great fun and help you achieve your goals in the equestrian world, whatever they may be.

Pony Club tests are designed to improve your riding ability and knowledge of horse and pony care. Starting with the E Test you can progress through the Standards of Efficiency up to the A Test. Members may also take their Road Rider Certificate.

You may also take Progressive Tests at Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum in Riding and Stable Management. These are smaller tests at all levels which may be taken on their own or together with the Standards of Efficiency.

The Achievement Badges are a fantastic, fun way of learning all that pony care knowledge aswell as a few non-horsey subjects too.

Centres run competitions for their Members in many different disciplines such as mounted games, showjumping, dressage or quizzes. There may also be the opportunity to qualify for National Pony Club Competitions such as Centre Equitation, Winter League Dressage and Showjumping, National Quiz and Horse and Pony Care.

Linking with The Pony Club allows the riding school access to all the training resources available. The tests bring structure to lesson teaching and give added value to their business. The scheme is flexible, however it is anticipated that as a minimum, the centre offers achievement badges and riding tests in order to gain benefit from the association. The Pony Club also runs regional training for instructors where they can tap into our trainers’ extensive knowledge.

The Achievement Badges are an excellent way to break down the welfare and stable management aspects of pony care and can be used in conjunction with the Efficiency or Progressive Tests. The Mini Badges have been designed for younger members who are just starting out.

Please download our full Benefits of being a Pony Club Linked Centre

Testimonial from Mobberley Riding School Ltd, Cheshire
“We have been part of the Centre Membership Scheme for several years now, and it is the best thing we could have done! It works brilliantly because it gives our riders who don’t have ponies the opportunity to enjoy and improve their riding and horse care skills while at the same time working their way through a nationally recognised test structure. Our Centre Members have competed both at Area and National level in a variety of disciplines on riding school ponies, and the Horse & Pony Care and National Quiz competitions mean that we can compete easily without even having to transport ponies!

We have well over 100 members now, ranging in age from 6yrs to 20yrs old! No matter what age or ability a member is, the Centre Scheme has something to offer them, which means that we can run activities and events around the framework that the Pony Club gives us. And of course our members love being part of the Club, which makes our job as instructors that much more enjoyable as our riders are always eager to learn more and continue progressing!”  Anna Kimber, Pony Club Instructor




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