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There are a number of affiliated Pony Clubs in 15 overseas countries with over 1897 Branches and a membership exceeding 68,000. They operate on similar lines to the UK Pony Club and have exchange visits and international competitions regularly.

Please click here for a list of Oversea Branches Overseas Branches

We currently take part in International Exchanges in the following areas -
Mounted Games

We are also currently a Member of the Pony Club International Alliance otherwise known as the PCIA
The PCIA began at the Millennium Conference in 2000 when National Chairs from Canada, the US, and the UK met in Toronto. This was followed by a mini summit in 2001 in Lexington and a more formal meeting in Lexington in 2003.

The first Meeting of the Pony Club International Alliance was held in Canada in 2005. The founding nations were the UK, Ireland, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Since that time, PCIA Meetings have been held every other year, rotating between Canada and the US.  Starting in 2016, we introduced meetings via computer using GoTo Meetings about every six months.  In 2018, the meeting will be held in and around Manchester, England at the same time as the IMGE and UK National Championships.

The Pony Clubs of Kenya consists of 4 Pony Clubs:

Kabete Pony Club
Langata Pony Club
Mount Kenya Pony Club and
Nairobi Pony Club

The report below tells us what they got up to in 2017


Since 2014 the South African Pony Club are proud to have had the following members pass their AH and A Riding Tests:

AH Passes
Megan Marr, Lise Sloane, Emma Tiffen, Kristine Ford, Carey Grey, K’li Scott, Kayd Olivier, Hilton Ford, Erin Purli

A Riding Passes
Megan Marr, Kristine Ford, Carey Grey, Kayd Oliver, Hilton Ford

Congratulations to you all!

The New Zealand Pony Clubs have three National Competition Events: Dressage, Games and Horse Trials.  Equestrian NZ have held a Pony Club Area Teams Show Jumping competition at the Horse of the Year for the last four years.  Visit for more details.

Dressage: To alleviate the huge expense of crossing Cook Strait, which separates the North and South Island the National Dressage competition is held in both Islands, with the same tests being used and the same judges flown to both venues.

Games: Since the 50th jubilee year in 1996 the Areas have held the Prince Phillip Games competitions. Again, to alleviate huge traveling distances these are held in Zones, with each Area being able to send a maximum of five teams, either Club or Branch teams. 

Horse Trials: The longest running National event this began as a Club teams event in 1956 then became an Area event in 1960. From 1969 the format has been a team of three DC riders (16yrs and under) and three A1 riders (17 and under 21yrs).

Show Jumping Teams Event:  Newest event, being held at the Horse of the Year since 2008.  Two pony riders (16yrs and under) compete at 1.05m while two hack riders (under 21yrs) compete at 1.10m.  The second round of the competition is competed in the Main Oval, a huge thrill for our Pony Clubbers.



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