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We’re proud that 11 out of the 12 Team GB riders were in The Pony Club!



Celebrating The Pony Club & Rio 2016


- William Fox-Pitt (West Street Hunt South) riding Chilli Morning
- Kitty King (Old Berkshire Hunt) riding Ceylor L A N
- Gemma Tattersall (East Sussex) riding Quicklook V
- Pippa Funnell (Eridge Hunt) riding Billy the Biz


- Fiona Bigwood (Old Surrey & Burstow) riding Atterupgaards Orthilia
- Charlotte Dujardin (the only team member who was not in The Pony Club) riding Valegro
- Carl Hester (West Hants) riding Nip Tuck
- Spencer Wilton (Essex and Suffolk Hunt) riding Super Nova II

Show Jumping

- Nick Skelton (North Warwickshire) riding Big Star
- John Whitaker (Rockwood Harriers) riding Ornellaia
- Michael Whitaker (Rockwood Harriers) riding Cassionato
- Ben Maher (Branch unknown) riding Tic Tac

Modern Pentathlete Kate French was also a Member of the West Kent (Meopham) Branch, and used to compete in Tetrathlon.

We’d love to make a BIG NOISE about Team GB, and we’d like you to get involved!

Suggestions include:

- Host an Olympic themed tea party
- Have a Rio or gold themed fancy dress rally
- Hold a fun Dressage, Show Jumping or Eventing competition

Any other fun ideas? Drop us a line to let us know HERE!

You can download and print off items from the ‘downloadable resources’ and share your photos.

Important! The IOC will be monitoring print, broadcast and online mentions between 29 July and 28 August, so this is the key time to spread the word about how great our sport is!

Share what you do

Facebook: Message us @ThePonyClubUK if you would like an image included in our Rio 2016 album. Please include the first names of the Members / Coaches / Volunteers involved, the name of your Branch or Centre and a brief description of what is happening in the photo.

Twitter: Tag us in any posts @ThePonyClub.

Instagram: Please tag us in any images you upload @UKPonyClubOfficial. Some posts allow images to be ‘regrammed’ where a link can be copied and posted on The Pony Club account, along with the name of the original poster and the associated wording.

Email: Email Us


Run up: #RoadtoRio #Equestrian #Rio2016 and #JoinTheJourney Also #StartedInThePonyClub where former Members are featured. 

During: #Rio2016 #Equestrian and #SupportingTeamGBR. Also #StartedInThePonyClub where former Members are featured. 

Tips for using the Olympic branding

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) have produced guidelines to inform media organisations how to use the Olympic properties to protect their properties and ensure any coverage is within the rules.

The main points relating to The Pony Club are:

- The Olympic rings must not be altered or distorted. They must be full coloured or all in one Olympic colour on a white background, or negative (white rings on a black background).  See page five of the guidelines for more information.

- The Olympic properties must not be used in advertising or any form of commercial content. See page six of the guidelines for more information.

The full guidelines can be downloaded here: Rio 2016 Guide for Media

Flash Cards!

Download and print off our flash cards to show your support for Team GB! Send your photos via Facebook messenger or email to

I’m Supporting Team GB!

I Heart Team GB!


06 August Individual & Team Dressage Day 1
07 August Individual & Team Dressage Day 2
08 August Individual & Team Cross Country
09 August Individual & Team Show Jumping


10 August Team Dressage: Grand Prix Day 1
11 August Team Dressage: Grand Prix Day 2
12 August: Team Dressage: Grand Prix Special
15 August Individual Dressage: Grand Prix Freestyle

Show Jumping

14 August Individual qualification
16 August Team qualification
17 August Team finals
19 August Individual final round A & B

Support Team GB from the Sofa!

The BBC will have up to 24 live channels available to watch via the BBC Sport website and the BBC Red Button.

The four hour time difference difference means several events will not air in the UK until late at night, but BBC Breakfast bring you up to date each morning and BBC2 will replay the previous night’s coverage in full every morning.

BBC iPlayer will show a daily Rio 2016 highlights package featuring the best late-night action.

Useful Links

Keep an eye on The Pony Club’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for content.

Take a look at Equestrian Team GBR for news and updates across all disciplines. Visit the website HERE, Facebook page HERE, Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE

Rio 2016 has an informative website and is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

The FEI is running a #TwoHearts campaign emphasising the special bond between horse and rider. Find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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