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We’re proud that 11 out of the 12 Team GB riders were in The Pony Club!



Celebrating The Pony Club & Rio 2016


- William Fox-Pitt (West Street Hunt South) riding Chilli Morning
- Kitty King (Old Berkshire Hunt) riding Ceylor L A N
- Gemma Tattersall (East Sussex) riding Quicklook V
- Pippa Funnell (Eridge Hunt) riding Billy the Biz


- Fiona Bigwood (Old Surrey & Burstow) riding Atterupgaards Orthilia
- Charlotte Dujardin (the only team member who was not in The Pony Club) riding Valegro
- Carl Hester (West Hants) riding Nip Tuck
- Spencer Wilton (Essex and Suffolk Hunt) riding Super Nova II

Show Jumping

- Nick Skelton (North Warwickshire) riding Big Star
- John Whitaker (Rockwood Harriers) riding Ornellaia
- Michael Whitaker (Rockwood Harriers) riding Cassionato
- Ben Maher (Branch unknown) riding Tic Tac

Modern Pentathlete Kate French was also a Member of the West Kent (Meopham) Branch, and used to compete in Tetrathlon.

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