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The Pony Club Winter Show Jumping and Dressage Championships have become a rite of passage for talented grassroots riders, with many of the success stories going on to feature at The Pony Club Championships in the summer months.

The competition has evolved and grown since its inception in 1995 as the Winter League Show Jumping Championships. 2006 saw the addition of the Open level of Show Jumping and the Dressage competition was introduced in 2007. We now have nearly 1,800 competitors each year, and 2016 saw the Championships moving to a bigger venue to accommodate the growth and a new Intermediate Dressage section.

There are three stages to the competition:

Preliminary Rounds: Held throughout the country from May to February (Show Jumping) and June to March (Dressage), the first four placed riders (and any tying for these places) at each of the Preliminary Rounds will be awarded rosettes and qualify to go forward to one of the Area Competitions.

Area Competitions: Held throughout March, riders from each of the Area Competitions qualify for The Winter Series Championships.

Championships: The 2020 Championships will take place at Addington Manor Equestrian Centre, Buckinghamshire on Saturday 4th April and Sunday 5th April 2020.

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