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2019 Results now available!

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2019 Final

The 2019 National Quiz final took place on Sunday 14th April and was once again held at Addington Manor Equestrian Centre.

National Quiz Results 2019
National Quiz Questions 2019

2019 Round Titles

In no particular order:
1. The Pony Club
2. Know your aids and handling
3. Digestive System
4. World Equestrian Games
5. Equine Behaviour
6. Working Dogs
7. Around the UK – Scotland
8. Practical Round – Feeding
9. Pairs Round – Tack
10. Picture Round – Poisonous Plants

In 2019 there will not be a mascot or display competition at the final; this is due to the limited amount of space available in the room at the final.


Teams are to be made up of:
• 1 Member 12 years & under
• 1 Member 14 years & under
• 1 Member 16 years & under
• 1 Member of any age
All ages will be taken from the 1st January 2019.
N.B. A Team may consist of four Members under the age of 12 if you wish. In this instance, the Team will be asked to nominate which Member will answer the more advanced questions. One AH Test holder in each Team is allowed to take part in each National Quiz Team.

Notes for Area Organisers

Here are a few notes/guidance for Area Organisers Area Organiser Notes

q4 q5 q6




If you would like to view any of the photos that were taken during the 2018 Quiz Final and prize giving, please visit First Class Images 

International Quiz Exchange

In Autumn 2017 we sent a team of 4 and a chaperone to Canada to compete in the International Quiz Exchange. Our team came an amazing Third place with one of our team, Victoria Hargreaves from the Chipping Branch, coming Fourth individually.

For more information on the International Quiz Exchange please click here

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