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2018 Round Titles are out now!

The National Quiz Final 2018 will once again be held at Addington Manor Equestrian Centre on Sunday 15th April. 

Area Qualifiers

Please find details of the Area Qualifiers here Area Qualifier Dates 2018

These will be updated in due course. 

2018 Round Titles

In no particular order:
1. The Pony Club around the world
2. Name that System - e.g. Circulatory, Digestive
3. Cause & Effect – Conformation
4. Alphabet Soup – General equine knowledge
5. What is this? – Points of horse & Skeleton
6. Pairs Round – Diseases
7. Individual Round – Tack Room
8. Abbreviations – e.g. TPC = The Pony Club
9. Before & After – e.g. Show **** Worm = Show Ring Worm
10. Picture Round – Venue & Event – United Kingdom

For the final there will be 30 points available for each round (15 questions per round), therefore 2 points per correct question except the pairs round – 8 questions per pair totalling 32 points for the round, and the individual round which will be a point per item identified, two Juniors 10 points each, two Seniors 15 point each, totalling 50 points for the round.
1. The Pony Club around the world – Total 30 points
2. Name that system – Total 30 points
3. Cause & Effect – Total 30 points
4. Alphabet Soup – Total 30 points
5. What is this? – Total 30 points
6. Pairs Round – Total 32 points
7. Individual Round– Total 50 points
8. Abbreviations – Total 30 points
9. Before & After – Total 30 points
10. Picture Round – Total 30 points
The winning Branch and Centre teams will be the team with the highest number of points.  In case of equality, total points gained in The Pony Club round will be used first to decide the final placing’s.

Again, there will be a competition for the best homemade display or collage from each team representing their Branch or Centre, to be judged on the day.


Teams will be made up of:
• 1 Member 12 years & under
• 1 Member 14 years & under
• 1 Member 16 years & under
• 1 Member of any age
All ages will be taken from the 1st January 2018.
N.B. A Team may consist of four Members under the age of 12 if you wish. In this instance, the Team will be asked to nominate which Member will answer the more advanced questions. One AH Test holder in each Team is allowed to take part in each National Quiz Team.

Notes for Area Organisers - Coming Soon

2017 Final Winners

The Branch winners were Cheshire Hunt North from Area 5 with 213.
Ellie Thomas, 11, Cailin Williams, 12, Hannah Pedley, 13, Georgina Hayward, 24

The Centre winners were Finchale View Riding School from Area 2 with 218.5
Esther Walker, 11, Mia Tait, 13, Sophie Collings, 15, Lauren Craggs, 23

The winners of the Mascot/Display were the Burton Hunt.

A big thank you to everyone that took part in the 2017 Quiz and for all the effort that went into the Mascots and Displays, the Judges had a hard time choosing the Winners!


If you would like to view the pictures that were taken during the 2017 NFU Mutual Quiz Final prize giving, please visit First Class Images

2017 Quiz Papers

2017 Questions Answers

National Quiz 2017 Round 2 Pictures

National Quiz 2017 Picture Round Part 1

National Quiz 2017 Picture Round Part 2

International Quiz Exchange

In Autumn 2017 we sent a team of 4 and a chaperone to Canada to compete in the International Quiz Exchange. Our team came an amazing Third place with one of our team, Victoria Hargreaves from the Chipping Branch, coming Fourth individually.

For more information on the International Quiz Exchange please click here

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