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Hunting Exchange Group 2013

The Pony Club Hunting Exchange – Republic of Ireland 2017

The Irish Pony Club has kindly extended an invitation to host the International Hunting Exchange to begin on Friday 17th February 2017 and end on Monday 27th February 2017. The hunting exchange rotates seasonally between the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and the United States.

Four Pony Club Members aged 18-25 have been selected and will be accompanied by one chaperone. The lucky Members selected are -
*Lydia Parrott, South Staffordshire Hunt Branch
*Diana Bevan, Burghley Branch
*Aled Harper, Saint Davids and District Branch
*Charlotte Campion, Heythrop Branch
*Chaperone - Alice Stockwell, Fife Hunt Branch

Hunting will be in different areas across the country, with a variety of hunts.  It is hoped that members and chaperones will stay with Pony Club host families or hunt members, have meals with them, and be transported to hunt meets with them.  Horses borrowed for hunting will have been hunted regularly by members of the Pony Club or the local Hunt and will mostly be privately owned. In addition to hunting, there will be planned trips for sightseeing and shopping, kennel tours and many opportunities to socialise.

If you would like any further information on the exchange please contact Kirsty on

2009 Exchange

The Pony Club Hunting Exchange – USA 2015

In 2015 The United States Pony Club extended a very exciting invitation to a lucky selection of our Members to partake in an International Foxhunting Exchange, based in the Lexington KY area. It commenced on October 22, 2015 and ended on October 31, 2015.
Congratulations to the following Members who were selected for the 2015 Hunting Exchange.

Charlotte Dun       Lauderdale Hunt
Lucy Morgan         Monmouthshire
Megan Lockyer       Wilton Hunt
Rosie Boulton       Pytchley Hunt
Chaperone         Helen Jackson

On non-hunting days, participants went on day trips to visit local areas of interest such as Keeneland Race Track, the Kentucky Horse Park, veterinarian offices, tack shops, and, of course, hunt kennels. Other social activities such as a quiz night & dinner at the Iroqouis Hunt Club House took place as well during the course of the exchange.

The Pony Club Hunting Exchange - UK

Each year four Pony Club members from the UK, Ireland and USA are invited in rotation to a hunting exchange in each country - 2013 saw the UK’s turn.

Pony Club Members aged 16-25, with their full Pony Club B Test or higher, were invited to apply for selection and having received a number of high quality CV’s for UK Pony Club Members the selection was difficult. However after great consideration the four luckily Members were chosen. (See list below)

Jenny Allen - South Pembrokeshire
Callum McDonald - Blankney Hunt
Peter Richards - South Devon Moorland
Rosie Alcorn - Route Hunt

To be joined by:
Emily Digney - Old Dominion
Aliina Keers -  Northwest
Sharlee Lowe - Great Lakes
Annie Garrett
Coach – Heather Kuenzi

‘Aine O’Brien
Aisling O’Brien
Laura Kaar
Jaime Roarke
Chaperone -  John Flood

The 2013 Pony Club Hunting Exchange took place from January 31st to February 10th, with 12 Pony Club Members from all over the UK, Ireland and the USA enjoying a week and a half of hunting and horse-related visits; the first week was spent around Buckinghamshire and the remainder around Herefordshire.

Over the period, the four Members from each country had around five days’ excellent foxhunting with a variety of hunts including, a day beagling and two days visiting the Kimblewick Hunt kennels, Cheltenham racecourse, Tweenhills Stud and Woodway Farm racing yard, as well as a variety of evening entertainment including the Kimblewick Hunt pantomime and several supper parties.

Read the Pony Club Hunting Exchange 2013 Report by Peter Richards.

If you would like further information on the exchange please contact Jo at Pony Head Office -

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