Blue Cross Horse & Pony Care Competition / The Blue Cross Welfare Merit

Blue Cross rehomes hundreds of horses and ponies each year. Many of the horses and ponies that come to the Blue Cross have not been looked after very well. This often is because of a lack of knowledge.

Welfare is all about quality of life. Horses may suffer in their mind and body if they are not having their needs met. This includes correct diet, routine care and management. Looking after horses needs and learning about their behaviour will help to make sure their welfare is good at all times.

When thinking about your horse’s welfare remember the five freedoms:
- Freedom from hunger and thirst
- Freedom from discomfort
- Freedom from pain, injury and disease
- Freedom to express normal behaviour
- Freedom from fear and distress

The Pony Club and the Blue Cross have teamed up to offer all Pony Club Members the chance to complete the Blue Cross Equine Welfare Merit Badge. This achievement badge and certificate may be awarded to any Pony Club Member who passes the following ten achievement badges:

Bandaging and Rugs
Care of the Horse’s Foot
First Aid (Equine)
Handling & Grooming
Mucking Out
Perfect Paddock

Please click here for some more useful information on the Security Awareness, Loading, First Aid (Equine) and Working Dogs Achievement Badges.


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