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Horse and Pony Care is an integral part of The Pony Club Championships held at Cholmondeley Castle in Cheshire and features Teams of three Pony Club Member who demonstrate their knowledge and practical horsemanship skills taken from The Pony Club Efficiency Test cards over a number of rounds.

Over the years it has become clear how much dedication and hard work Members put in to both the Qualifiers and the Championships, and it is great to see the high standard of knowledge Members have about the care, management and welfare of horses and ponies.

The Blue Cross are extremely generous sponsors of this competition, and this is their eleventh consecutive year of sponsorship. They also have an education tent at the Championships for spectators and competitors to get some hands on practice!

For any further information please contact the Horse & Pony Care Secretary, Becky Davies, by emailing rebecca@pcuk.org or by calling 02476 698308.


It is now confirmed that the Minis will qualify for the Pony Club Championships in 2019!

Horse & Pony Care Admin Notes, Eligibility and Championship Rules:

Admin Notes

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Minis Competition:

Minis Competition

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2017 Score Tables

Junior Individual Award: Benji Connell - Staff College & Sandhurst
Senior Individual Award: Alicia Lee - Old Berkshire Hunt

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Junior Individual Award: Ella Greenway - Hampshire Hunt
Senior Individual Award: Victoria Hargreaves - Chipping

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