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The Pony Club Office is based at Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, from where The Pony Club is managed by a permanent staff responsible to The Board of Trustees and the Management Committee.

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The Pony Club is split into 19 Areas, with a number of Branches and Centres in each, across the country. Each Area has an Area Representative who will represent their Branches on The Pony Club Council.


Each Branch covers a geographical area and is organised using the purposes and the rules of The Pony Club.  Every Branch is administered by a voluntary District Commissioner helped by a Committee made up of voluntary members..

Pony Club Branch Membership is open to anyone under 25 years of age. Members should have access to a horse or pony, by ownership or loan, and have the means to transport the horse or pony to and from rallies and events.


In 1998, the Centre Membership scheme was launched for those, without their own pony who ride at riding schools, to become Members and take part in all that The Pony Club has to offer. There are currently around 480 Pony Club Centres spread across the UK. Activities at the Centre are run by the Proprietor and their Coaches.

New Pony Club Centre Membership is open to anyone under 25 years of age who does not own a pony. Members pay an annual subscription and receive instruction at a Pony Club linked Centre, this subscription constitutes Membership of the Club and includes third party insurance.

From January 2016, Centre Plus Membership will also be available for young riders with their own pony who ride at a Pony Club Linked Centre
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The UK Pony Club was a founder member of the Euro Pony Club, which was formed in 1990 and has fifteen member nations. Its aims are to promote exchange visits between Members of the various countries, thereby creating friendship and a wider understanding of the individual cultures, languages and background.

There are also affiliated Pony Clubs in 14 overseas countries with over 1873 Branches and a membership exceeding 73,000. They operate in a similar way to the UK Pony Club and have exchange visits and international competitions regularly.

Strategic Plan

The long term aims and strategies of The Pony Club can be viewed here:
The Pony Club Strategy 2017 -2020

Committee Structure

The current Committee Structure of The Pony Club can be viewed here:
Pony Club Committee Structure January 2019

Board of Trustees

Christopher Bromfield Christopher Bromfield Chairman Find Out More
Clare Valori Clare Valori Vice Chairman Find Out More
Liz Lowry Liz Lowry Area Representative Find Out More
Andrew James Andrew James Area Representative Find Out More

If you wish to contact any of our Trustees, please do so through The Pony Club Office

Area Representatives

Catriona Willison Catriona Willison Area 1 Representative
Sheila Clifford Sheila Clifford Area 2 Representative
Nicola Morrison Nicola Morrison Area 3 Representative
Ros Slinger Ros Slinger Area 4 Representative
Meg Green Meg Green Area 5 Representative
Caroline Brown Caroline Brown Area 6 Representative
Andrew James Andrew James Area 7 Representative
Hetta Wilkinson Hetta Wilkinson Area 8 Representative
Pleasance Jewitt Pleasance Jewitt Area 9 Representative
Isabel Mills Isabel Mills Area 10 Representative
Martin Wright Martin Wright Area 11 Representative
Helen Jackson Helen Jackson Area 12 Representative
Sara Tremlett Sara Tremlett Area 13 Representative
Louly Thornycroft Louly Thornycroft Area 14 Representative
Deborah Custance-Baker Deborah Custance-Baker Area 15 Representative
Susie Bucknell Susie Bucknell Area 16 Representative
Liz Lowry Liz Lowry Area 17 Representative
Julie Hodson Julie Hodson Area 18 Representative
Di Hadley Di Hadley Area 19 Representative

Committee Chairmen

Charles Barnett Charles Barnett Pony Racing Chairman
Helen Griffiths Helen Griffiths Dressage Chairman
James Loffet James Loffet Show Jumping Chairman
Charlotte Rowell Charlotte Rowell Eventing Chairman
Jan Whitehead Jan Whitehead Polocrosse Chairman
Charles Whittington Charles Whittington Polo Chairman
Robert Blane Robert Blane Endurance Chairman
Marcus Capel Marcus Capel Mounted Games Chairman
William Blane William Blane Training Chairman

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