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The Pony Club as a registered Charity prepares consolidated accounts each year to the 31st of December. These accounts contain the results of all The Pony Club’s Branches, Areas and its central office functions, as well as its trading subsidiary The Pony Club Trading Limited. These accounts are audited by an independent auditor to ensure their accuracy.

The consolidated accounts are accessible here so that Members and supporters of The Pony Club can view them. The consolidated accounts consist of the Trustee’s Report, which reviews the year and states the future plans for The Pony Club, the Income and Expenditure Summary which shows the financial result for the year in question and a Balance Sheet which shows the levels of assets and liabilities that exist within The Pony Club as at the 31st of December in the year in question. Detailed notes then analyse the Income and Expenditure Summary and the Balance Sheet in more detail.

Our thanks goes to all the volunteer Treasurers around the country who contribute a great deal to the preparation of these accounts by maintaining detailed financial records for Branches and Areas throughout the year and then filing yearly financial returns.

If anyone has any questions regarding the accounts they should contact The Pony Club Finance team on finance@pcuk.org

Download a copy of:
The Pony Club Financial Statements (ending 31st December 2017)
The Pony Club Financial Statements (ending 31st December 2016)

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