The Pony Club is holding a UKCC Level 2 assessment at Solihull Riding Club, West Midlands on 29th April.  We are seeking riders to take part in 30 minute coaching sessions, as part of the candidates’ assessments.  Riders can be Pony Club Members or non-Members on any size of horse or pony, and must be happy to walk, trot, canter and jump small fences.  Riders are welcome to take part in more than one session and / or bring more than one horse or pony!  There is no charge for taking part.

If you know anyone locally who may be interested in some additional training free of charge, for any of the dates above, please ask them to complete the form below and send it to Imogen Fox (
Demo rider application form


One of the objectives of The Pony Club is to give instruction in riding and horsemastership and to educate Members to look after and to take proper care of horses and ponies.  Pony Club instructors and coaches deliver training and support Members to help them develop their riding and horse and pony care skills.

Instructors and coaches must base their teaching on The Pony Club Manual of Horsemanship and Instructor’s Handbook in order to avoid conflicting methods. For more information, click on the Pony Club Instructors tab below.

From January 2014, Pony Club Coaches and Instructors will be split into four categories according to their use and role within The Pony Club.  Each category will have specific requirements as laid out below:

  1. Fully Accredited Equestrian Coaches / Instructors
    These Coaches / Instructors can take sole charge of the groups they coach.
  2. Supervised Coaches / Instructors
    These Coaches / Instructors must not earn their main income from coaching riding. They may be paid to coach for The Pony Club. They must be supervised (within full sight and sound at all times) by a Fully Accredited Coach (category 1), the DC or Centre Proprietor, or any other official who fulfils the requirements for category 1.
  3. Volunteer Coaches / Instructors
    These Coaches / Instructors must be unpaid and supervised by a Fully Accredited Coach (category 1), the DC or Centre Proprietor, or any other official who fulfils the requirements for category 1.
  4. Coaches / Instructors for non-riding / horse related activities
    These Coaches / Instructors can be used for coaching sports / disciplines other than riding for Pony Club activities e.g. Swimming, Shooting, Running.

The requirements for each category of Pony Club Coaches / Instructors are detailed below:
Coach requirements
Accredited coaches for another BEF Member Body (i.e. are currently listed as a coach by the Member Body and have attended CPD as required by that Body) may be used in The Pony Club but only for the discipline that they are accredited in, if the Member Body is specific to a particular sport.

* Where Supervised / Volunteer Coaches are coaching regularly (i.e. four or more times within any 30 day period) a DBS (or PVG or Access NI) check and attendance at a Safeguarding & Protecting Children workshop is required.

Pony Club CPD Courses are listed on the Area Instructor Courses page.

Information on The Pony Club Tests is available in the Tests & Achievements section of the website.  There, you will find the Test requirements and recommended reading.

For Test Nomination forms, go to the Forms, Guides & Handbooks section of the Officials Information page.

Safeguarding and Protecting Children Workshop Dates can be found under Parents & Officials - Health & Safety:

Or downloaded: